SWAT Mission

The Severe Weather Assistance Team (SWAT) of the Nova Scotia Jeep Club will assist local, municipal or provincial agencies or groups in need of transportation assistance for their essential personnel or supplies during times of inclement weather, during states of emergency or in remote locations where our equipment is built to be. Such support is undertaken on a purely voluntary basis with the intent of the NSJC and it’s membership to be active supporters within our various communities.

The purpose of this information and list is to ensure all vehicles meet a minimum level of preparedness. These guidelines will help ensure we are safe and our contact within the community is viewed in a professional, positive manner. These guidelines are not intended to insult anyone as they provide some of the most basic Jeep related topics. Not everything is needed, but generally, club members have many, if not all, of the critical items listed below.

The bottom line is this: Each member of the SWAT Team is a contact with the community. If we all adhere to basic safety practices and are all prepared to a minimum common level with effective equipment, we will all showcase the NSJC to it’s fullest advantage any time we’re called out.

Be courteous at all times
Be helpful whenever possible
Introduce yourself immediately upon reaching your pick-up point – ensure you have the correct person/people and that they know you are with the SWAT team
Ensure your passenger is comfortable before leaving for your destination – it’s likely many of these folks have never traveled in well equipped Jeeps such as the one you're driving so they may be a bit nervous or even excited
Drive within the capabilities of your skills and your Jeep
Obey all traffic laws
Do not take ANY unnecessary risks – When carrying passengers, this is not the time to “test” your Jeep or show off in front of your passenger(s)
Your primary role during any call-out is to ensure people or supplies reach the required destination safely – time is obviously, less of a concern
Be alert for other emergency vehicles
Be alert for snow clearing equipment
Keep your cell phone fully charged
If you find yourself in an impassable spot, call in an update to the SWAT Coordinator
Please turn on your headlights and four-way flashers as conditions warrant
Think about airing down if you need the extra traction