Recommended Equipment For SWAT

Please note – this is not a MUST HAVE list – some items are optional

Jeep with four-wheel drive – stock or modified
Winch - 8,000 to 12,000 Lb - optional
CB Radio
Cell Phone
GPS unit - optional
Proper Area Maps – a working knowledge of the area will be fine for local call-outs such as ferry service for hospital employees. If we get a call-out for search & rescue assistance, or EMO, local area maps will be important, but again, not everyone will need them
Extra fuel – if applicable
Experienced Off-road Driver (Jeep 101 is available to anyone wishing to brush up on their skills)
Competent Vehicle Setup
Current MVI
Insurance in good standing
In good general, overall mechanical condition – not ideal to be stranded while on a call-out
First Aid Kit – even a basic one
First Aid Training – goes with above – if you're training is current, please let us know. 
Fire Extinguisher – preferable, but again, optional
Waterproof matches – can be part of a first-aid kit – this is more appropriate if we get a call-out with EMO or Ground Search & Rescue
Fire-starter – see above statement
Emergency Flares - optional
 Winter rated washer fluid 
Winter wipers
Windshield ice scraper
 Survival blanket (designed to retain heat)

Recovery Gear:

Recovery straps (no chains or straps with hooks)
Hi-lift Jack
Full Sized or matching spare tire
Recovery Points Front and rear.
Potable Water, Gator Aid, etc. for Crew and extra for others – as you see fit
Hand tools – when appropriate/as needed
Small self-recovery shovel during the winter
Any generally useful off-road gear which you normally carry on trail rides
Change of clothes, including spare boots and socks can be very important
Foul Weather Gear - Gore-Tex and Fleece with gloves. Pack for the worst weather you can imagine
Mechanix Gloves, work gloves or winter gloves as conditions dictate

Search Support Activities

Various groups or agencies, to support land search missions in rough terrain, may call us upon. We have the equipment to help, so we’re a natural fit. In any group search mission, support is as critical as searching. Carrying gear and supplies for searchers on foot is important. Do not be crushed if you are ask to “fetch” supplies for search groups or ferry searchers and/or equipment from one location to the next. Being there when a “rescue” is made is only part of search activities. We will be providing a vital function, even though we may not be on the front-line of the activities.