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2020 NSJC Monthly Events and Club Runs

Halifax 2021 planned schedule:

17 Jan - Muddy Myra
21 Feb - Mynes Rd (Topless)
21 Mar - Renfrew
17 Apr - Hard & Soft (Saturday Night Run)
16 May - Bump & Grind (Food Drive)
13 Jun - Big Jones
17-20 Jeep Jam
18 Jul - LRV
15 Aug - Pockwock Falls & Criss Cross (BBQ)
19 Sept - Rocky Myra Sept (Show'N'Shine)
17 Oct - Guy's Run (Fall colours, Open Run)
21 Nov - Twisted Sister (Food Drive)
19 Dec - Ellerhouse
26 Dec - Tia's/ TJ's (Boxing Day Run, Open Run)
Eldridge Settlement is the backup trail

Meetings are held at Tim Horton's, 36 Verdi Dr ( Bedford Commons) @ 10:00 AM on the 3rd Sunday of every month (unless otherwise stated). Please arrive fueled up with lunch or snacks for the day. 


Feb 17: Roxbury Settlement
Mar 23: Run Cancelled
Apr 13: AGM and Phinney Mountain Trail Run
May 11: Trail Clearing (Jeep Jam Prep)
June 8: Johnson's Settlement ( Jeep Jam Prep)
Jul 01: Roxbury Settlement  ( Canada Day Run)
Aug 10: Half Moon
Sep 21: Crazy French
Oct 12: Tia's ( Fall Crawl)
Nov 9: The Farm (Support Our Troops)
Dec 7: TBA

These runs are open to ALL Jeepers, are 'Stock Doable' and some could be even 'Stock Friendly'. Most runs will be on the second weekend of the month.

North Nova

Jan 11: Landsdowne Run
Feb 22: TBA Run
Mar 28: Ben Lake Run
Apr 25: Garden of Eden/Fishing Run
May 23: Dalhousie Mountain/Fire Tower Run
Jun 13: Warwick Mountain/Castle Run
Jul 18: Trafalgar/Camping Run
Aug 08: TBA/Camping Run
Sep 26: Belmont/Ovens Run
Oct 24: TBA/Fall Colors Run
Nov 22: Greasy Llama/Riversdale Run
Dec 12: Debert Army Roads Run